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Listen To Your Futures

Seemingly by accident, we can listen in on possible futures. We’re trying to listen to as many voicemails as we can, because each one is another point on the map of the lives ahead for us and let’s face it, we have lots of questions about what those lives might be like.

We’ve only decoded a handful of chronofacts so far. What would be amazing is to get dozens of them or even hundreds to listen to. We think we could learn a lot from that. Might really be a help with all those “unknown unknowns”…

So, recovering chronofacts is the first challenge. The second one is to understand what they mean. Voicemails are naturally mysterious. If you would like to help us figure out what they mean, please sign up and we’ll alert you when the next Chronofall begins.

  • “When that young man brought the chronofact into my antique shop, neither of us had a clue what it was or how much it was worth. Turns out, he sold me a peek into humanity's future and I got it for a steal.”

    — Alex

  • “They didn't leave the messages for us. They left them for someone else. Or they will leave them for that person. Maybe. In one of our futures.”

    — Genevieve

  • “I would wake up just thinking about why the woman leaving the voicemail couldn't go home. I heard the yearning in her voice. I kept replaying it wishing someone would pick up to share that moment with her.”

    — Ann